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http://www.ibourl.net/Success2u JVZoo Review
JVZoo Scam

JVZoo is an affiliate advertising network founded in 2012 and based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Affiliate marketing has become a very popular way of earning money online, and it’s a good fit for both beginning and seasoned online marketers.
Affiliate marketing networks are systems in which affiliates, or publishers, promote various advertised products or services offered by various merchants, or advertisers. As an Affiliate, you promote these merchants products or services on your blogs or websites, and get paid when a visitor performs a certain action, like filing out an application form, providing an email address, or completing a purchase. This is referred to as CPA, or cost per action.

There’s no cost to get started as an affiliate with JVZoo. Once you sign-up, you have access to all of the site’s affiliate tools and training. JVZoo has an Affiliate Marketplace that provides you with current conversion rates for all of their merchants products, which is a help when deciding which merchants to advertise for. They also have a sales page generator if you don’t have your own website or blog page on which to advertise. This can save you time and money. As with most affiliate advertising systems, there is a tracking system provided so you can see how your ad campaigns are performing.

JVZoo pays you for every sale you make. Many affiliate advertising programs will not; some only pay you for every other sale, while others will only credit you for one out of every three sales. This is avoided by distributing the affiliate’s, the merchant’s, and JVZoo’s cut of the sales money at the moment the transaction is made. This can possibly avoid the mess of who-owes-what when refunds are made.

Commissions will depend on the merchant you are working with, so always research before advertising for any particular merchant. JVZoo pays commissions directly into your PayPal account instantly, so there’s no waiting to reach thresholds before you can get paid; in other words, no waiting for your monthly paycheck. This is the only way that JVZoo pays, so you must have a PayPal account.

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