Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa (freebie in description)

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If you are looking to have a higher salary, improve your living status and apply for the highest paying jobs in South Africa, then this list is for you.

In the following countdown list we cover the top paying jobs in South Africa. Here’s the list:

7 Chartered Accountant: The job of a chartered accountant certainly isn’t for everyone.

It requires sacrifice, discipline and talent but it definitely pays well. The average salary of a chartered accountant is 434,191 Rand per annun.

6. Management Consultant: Simply put, Management Consultants help organisations improve their performance. Depending on experience level and company involved, a management consultant can earn between 392,000 and 672,000 Rand per annum.

5. Petroleum Engineers: Because petroleum engineering as a combination of innovation and exploration, it requires a lot of intelligence and training. This job is therefore one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa. The salary of a South African petroleum engineer is 572,600 per annum.

4. Specialist Doctors: Medical specialists are doctors who have completed advanced education and clinical training in a specific area of medicine. Neurosurgeons at the higher end of the spectrum while a general practitioner would be at the lower end.

Depending on the rank of speciality, these people receive between 476,000 to 616,000 rands per annum.

3. IT Managers: An IT manager monitor operational requirements, research strategies, technology solutions and builds most cost-effective and efficient systems.

There is a major demand for IT managers and they can expect the starting sum of 620,230 rand per annum.

2. Pilots: It is a certainty that the work of the pilot is not one that can be done by just any body except someone who has been well-trained and just as skillful. Qualified pilots in South Africa get paid 695,800 rand per annum.

1. Software Engineers: The first of the highest paying jobs in South Africa software engineering. Software engineers manage the design, development and maintenance of software programs.

Software engineers most likely have degrees in computer science and programming and the higher-paid professionals will also have graduate-level degrees and a wealth of professional experience.

A software engineer earns approximately 1.2 million rand per annum.

There you have it! The highest paying jobs in South Africa in 2020.


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