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Bachelors of Arts in philosophy is one of the more sought after degrees in India. The philosophy course extends to ideas such as politics, religion, ethics and logic. In a country obsessed with politics and religion, it is really no wonder that BA in Philosophy has so many takers. Philosophy opens the students’ minds to think in a much broader perspective, and this can be a very good skill set to have for a problem solver. Philosophy is often defined as the study of problems and solutions of human existence. You are bound to learn a great deal about society, and human nature in general.
Philosophy helps you be better than what you were before. Here is a simple list of skills, a BA in philosophy course will instil in you:
• Communicating effectively
• Developing reasoned arguments
• Speaking, thinking and writing clearly
• Analysing complex problems
• Forming creative and original solutions to problems
• understanding related disciplines
• Appreciating others views
• Examining problems systematically

You need to answer one question honestly before you think about making a career in philosophy. The question is simple really: ‘Are you willing to study philosophy further or are you willing to enter the job market?’ Once you have an honest answer for yourself, you can start theorizing about the future.
If you are planning to continue you study in philosophy, then the best course of action is to obtain a master’s degree in philosophy. You can work as a part-time teacher while studying for your masters. You can apply for a full-time position in the university after you are done with your Bachelor’s degree. You can even work on your thesis and finish your PhD too.
If you are willing to enter the job market, then you need to understand what your strong suits are. If you are a great public speaker, then you can find yourself a job as a public relations manager in a corporate firm. If you understand the term empathy, and you are a great public speaker, then you can even consider a job in politics too.
You can find great career opportunities in the fields of diplomacy too. With your understanding of problems and solutions, you will make a great diplomat, but you need to clear IAS examination for you to be a good diplomat. You obviously eligible to take the IAS exam with your bachelor’s degree in Arts in philosophy.
Graduates in philosophy can find themselves jobs as lobbyists, advisors, HR managers, Public relations managers, consultant, etc.
The pay packet depends greatly on the line of work you choose. If you are choosing a corporate sector job, then you can expect a monthly salary of around 15,000 to 25,000 rupees. But, if you are choosing any other job, then you can expect your pay to be slightly lesser.

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