Best Trade Jobs for 2020

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Best Trade Jobs for 2020

A traditional college degree isn’t right for everyone and if your plan is to retire early, it might not make sense to invest heavily into a career when there are in-demand alternatives. Many of these trade jobs require training but they are often much less expensive and accolades are quicker to achieve. Additionally, pay is often competitive and some fields provide the opportunity to run your own business with unlimited potential. Whatever you choose, make sure you research all reasonable option to make an educated decision.

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Each of these videos is completely original–written, narrated and animated by myself.
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The script is then narrated by me and the animated using VideoScribe. Each image is individually selected, timed and synced with the narration to create a flowing video.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing published on my channel should be considered personal investment advice. Although I do discuss various types of investments and strategies, I am not a licensed professional. Please invest responsibly.

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