10 Jobs you Can Do From Home

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Today we are going to talk about 10 different jobs you can do from home, and also how much they pay and what you need to get started.

1. Virtual Assistant:
– This job requires organization skills and administrative skills
– And they’ll ask you to reply to emails, manage business inquiries, and event planning schedules and setting meetings.

Pay: on the lower end you can make 26k per year and on the hiring end 46k per year
– But the cool thing is that you can work for more than one business and have multiple clients.

2. Translator

Where you can work:
– The most common idea Is in a court of law, or in law office that requires translation
– Also in hospitals and you can also work for the government

Pay: you can get paid as low as 49k per year and $90,610

3. Call-Center Representative
– Believe it or not, this is the job I wanted not too long ago
– You can work for amazon, Tmobile and a lot of companies from your house
– And get paid an hourly wage
What you need:
– You’ll need great customer service skills ( I hope)
– And you’ll need experience or training in whatever section you want to go into
– For example Verizon, Amazon, and so on, this will require training obviously

Pay: you can get paid around $33k ( not that bad while being at home, and skill working on a side business if you want to)

4. Data Entry
– I actually had this job when I first got out of college

What you do:
– Its basically inputting data over and over and over again
– It’s very repetitive work and boring
– So keep me busy I would try to do the work as fast possible and get it done

– Usually, it’s going to be minimum wage or a little above, so in NY I would be getting paid around $15 an hour and maybe a little more.

5. Online Juror
– I had no idea this existed but it makes sense to why
– The idea is that lawyers before going to trial
– Call you and see what your verdict would be

Pay: According to Entrepreneur, it ranges from $5-150 per case, but again I would always base my pay on the lowest and see how it goes.

Find these jobs online by googling.

6. Renter
– My mom is very good at doing this
– And basically its passive income
– Which is also great

What you do:
– If you live in a house, you can rent out a room and that’s extra income from home
– Or if you have stuff that you don’t use like a camera or laptops, you can also go online and also rent those out

Pay varies: by the stuff you have and also where you live. ( but my mom makes an easy 200-250 a week.

7. Bookkeeping and tax preparer
– Now this obviously involves some training and some college
– You can become a full-blown accountant or just take some course on booking
– And you can do this work from home

Pay: you can charge both a retainer and a monthly fee.

For example:
– $400 a month per client or more depending on how many transactions they have going on
– And also an annual fee to retain you on the book for any additional work
– And let’s say you have 10 clients that pay you $500 bucks each, that’s easily 5k per month.

8. Teacher/tutor
– This is something that clearly now more than ever is going to become more normal
– Parents still want tutor but they want to keep their kids safe
– So doing online tutoring could be awesome

– If you want to be a teacher this is going to require a degree and you can earn a lot more money between 50-60k
– But as a tutor you just need to be good at the subject you are teaching and that can range from $10 an hour to $100 hour, it all depends on what you are teaching.

9. Business Owner

10. Remote salesperson


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